Sports Related Eye Injuries in Children: What Parents Should Know


Why do we need to know?

  • It is the leading cause of monocular (one eye) disability or blindness in American children
  • It is the second most common cause of preventable vision loss in childhood

Nearly two thirds of the pediatric eye injuries occur in boys.

The Highest Risk Sports in US are:

Basketball: from flying elbows, hands/fingers swipe at ball, rebounds

Hockey: from puck in flight at high velocity, swinging sticks. Preventable with face shields/cages     

Golf: from golf club and golf ball, and flying dirt/foreign bodies. Can be minimized by standing away from person swinging the golf club and look behind before playing a shot

Soccer: from being struck by ball and other players


What can parents do?

Sports related eye injuries may be largely prevented by:

  • Educating your children
  • Having your children use protective eyewear
  • Increasing parental supervision

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