Birth to Four Months


When they’re born, babies see in black and white and shades of gray, and newborns can focus just eight to twelve inches.  Babies first learn to focus their eyes by looking at faces, gradually moving on to bright objects of interest near them.  Newborns should be able to momentarily hold their gaze on an object for a few seconds, but by 8-12 weeks they should start to follow people or moving objects with their eyes.  At first, infants have to move their whole head to move their eyes, but by 2-4 months they should start to move their eyes independently, with much less head movement.  By 4 months, babies start to reach for objects, the beginning of eye-hand coordination.  Also by the time he or she is 4 months old, a babies’ visual system has developed the ability to see in full color, opening up a dynamic new world.